I don’t normally talk about my birthday this much, but I thought why not. It’s a great opportunity to share my life with you. Yesterday was my 33rd birthday, so today I’m sharing 33 things I learned over the past year.

(33 thing I’ve learned this year in no particular order.)

1. 33 is not old, neither is 50

2. Everyday is a day worth celebrating

3. Moisturize everyday

4. Under eye cream is a lifesaver

5. You can never get enough sleep

6. Dress size doesn’t matter as long as I feel comfortable

7. Remove the lint from the dryer lint trap before every cycle

8. Command strips are amazing

9. When you buy a house, closing costs are way more than you think

10. Decorating a home is so much fun

11. Who my true friends are

12. Real friends are not only the ones you talk to on a daily but also the ones who you can talk to once a year and it feels like no time has passed

13. You can’t please everyone

14. Work can seem just like high school

15. People come and go from your life and that’s ok

16. Don’t miss the chance to tell family and friends you love them

17. It’s really hard not to compare yourself to others, life is so much better when you don’t

18. It’s hard to let people in after you’ve been hurt but sometimes it’s worth it

19. It’s ok to make mistakes

20. It’s ok to be wrong

21. It’s ok to change your mind

22. It’s ok to stay in on a Friday or Saturday

23. I can go to the movies and eat popcorn as a meal

24. I can go to bed whenever I want, even if that’s before 9pm

25. I’ve realized what’s important and what to let go

26. I finally feel excited for what the future brings

27. Unplug once in a while

28. Alone time is so important

29. Making something yourself is so much more rewarding

30. Travel as often as you can

31. Do what makes you happy

32. Adulting is hard

33. Age is just a number

xoxo, Katie

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