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It’s no surprise that everybody is talking about self-care these days. It’s so important for your mental well-being. And what’s better than working on self-care than doing it at a fancy spa with your girlfriends?

My girlfriends and I are all busy women, so it’s difficult to plan a spa day that matches all of our schedules. Of course I’m the only one without kids so my schedule is a little more flexible. We were planning a spa day and just couldn’t find a Saturday that worked for all 5 of us unless we waited 6 weeks out! I wasn’t having any of that! So I suggested we take a Monday off of work to spend the day relaxing, rejuvenating, gossiping and laughing. Besides there is such a thing as a “mental health day” right?

One of my girlfriends suggested Kohler Waters Spa because she had been there before. It also is a pretty central location for the 5 of us. It’s in Burr Ridge, just outside of Chicago. They have several other locations as well, mostly in Wisconsin.

Kohler Waters Spa is by far the nicest spa I’ve ever been to. From the Quiet Room with a wide variety of tea, to the Circle of Tranquility, a self-guided water journey that includes a 25-foot whirlpool with a cascading waterfall, steam room and sauna, to the comfy fuzzy robe and locker room amenities.

My friends all chose different services – manicures, pedicures and massages. We arrived an hour before our appointments to take part in the relaxing lounge, whirlpool and sauna. We again took advantage of those amenities after our services. I chose the 80 minute Woodsman Massage. I’ve received plenty of massages at different types of spas but this was my first deep tissue massage. This service combines several therapeutic massage techniques to reduce tension, alleviate muscular pain and increase flexibility. While incorporating the healing properties of pine, I left feeling relaxed and recharged.

Can we talk about the amenities for a moment? We planned to spend half the day there so I basically packed an overnight bag with all of my hair and makeup products. Don’t make the same mistake I made, you won’t need most of that stuff! You don’t even need sandals, they provide everything. all you need is your swimsuit for the Circle of Tranquility. Everything else is provided in their fully stocked locker rooms. Shampoo, conditioner, body wash, lotion, wide variety of hair styling products, hair dryer, even disposable razors.

Kohler Waters Spa is quite pricey but well worth it. Every month they have different specials and events, so if you are looking for a deal, check out their website before booking your appointment. I can’t wait to plan our next spa day!

xoxo, Katie