I love making my holiday decorations. When you make your own decorations you know you have something completely different than everybody else. My girlfriends and I use to get together for craft nights. We would all make the same type of craft but they all would turn out so different. We would pick different colors and we all have our own style so even though we are creating the “same” item they all would look totally different.

The holiday craft that I want to show you today is a simple, inexpensive decoration to light up your front door for Valentine’s Day. I purchased all of these items at my local craft store for exactly $15!


Base wreath

6 Individual felt sheets – I chose white, pink and light pink



Hot Glue Gun

Glue Sticks


There are so many ways to make felt flowers. You can do a search on Pinterest to find at least 10 different felt flower designs. I’m going to show you how to make two different simple felt flowers.

To make a rose, cut a 6″ diameter circle out of felt. Spiral cut the felt about 3/8″ wide. Roll up the felt from the center outward. Affix with hot glue at the end.

To make the mum flowers, cut a piece of felt 12″ x 2.5″ and fold in half lengthwise. Like a hot dog bun. Secure the seam if necessary with little dabs of hot glue. Cut slits at the fold about 3/8″ apart but not going all the way through the fold. Roll from one end, and hot glue together as you go.

Use the glue gun to place the flowers in whatever direction you want. I chose to place my flowers off-centered.

Attach embellishments using your glue gun.

Use the ribbon to create a handle to hang your wreath to a wreath hook.

Display your decoration proudly!

How simple is that? And super cute to boot! I want to see your creations, tag me on Instagram, @katiemorleystyle!

xoxo, Katie

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