The months leading up to Christmas take a beating on my bank account. Anybody else feel the same way? We’ve got Christmas gifts, holiday outfits, New Year’s Eve outfit and cozy winter accessories all that are just draining our bank accounts. So, I’ve decided to challenge myself and participate in no shop January. My goal is to not buy any clothes, shoes, accessories or home decor for the entire month of January. I’m very curious to see how much money I can save just in a month buy not spending money on those items. I’m really trying to buckle down for the next couple of months because I plan to buy a house soon. Every little bit helps, right?

If you would like to join me in this challenge I have come up with some tips to help pull back on the spending.

The following are tips to help you not shop for an entire month.

  1. Delete all sales emails before you even open them. This will stop the temptation to want to see what sales are going on. January is going to be very tough because there are so many after Christmas sales. But if you don’t open your emails you’ll never know what sales are going on.
  2. Don’t go to the mall! Simple, right? No explanation necessary – you don’t go to the mall you don’t spend money.
  3. Focus more at work. I got to be honest, I don’t actually spend a full 8 hours a day working while at work. Shh…don’t tell anybody! I tend to do a lot of online shopping while working. Guilty as charged! Instead I’m going to spend time organizing my desk, cleaning up files on my hard drive and desktop, organize my thoughts in a planner and spend more time getting to know my coworkers better.

(All of the above photos were taken during my trip to San Diego over this past Thanksgiving.)

For me this challenge is not going to be easy. But I’m going to keep myself honest by checking in with you guys over the month and I hope to hear some of you will join in as well. It’s time to be creative with our looks. I’m sure I will find pieces in my closet that I have forgotten I even had. Hopefully that will be just as fun as shopping! 🙂

xoxo, Katie