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Do you typically make your Halloween costume or buy it? Growing up in a house full of creativity, I always find myself coming up with something creative for Halloween. My mom hand-sewed all of mine and my sisters costumes growing up. From a Hersey’s Kiss to Belle to a Pink Lady, each costume always had a special touch knowing my mom made them. As an adult I find myself crafting up my yearly Halloween costume. 


This year was a little last minute and it needed to be work appropriate. I love a good pun and keeping up with current events. It was also really important to me that I use items that I already own. So what did I come up with this year? Take a guess…




Top knot



Over-sized sunglasses 

Witches hat


You guessed it right! I’m a Basic Witch! 


 Scroll through to see some of my costumes from over the years. 

  1. Audrey Hepburn – Breakfast at Tiffanys (2006)
    • Black Dress
    • Black Gloves
    • Tiara
    • Pearls
    • Sunglasses
  2. Beanie Baby (2011)
    • Animal Hat or Animal Ears
    • I enlarged a TY Beanie Baby label from the internet, printed it and attached to cardboard. I then stapled the label to the ear of my polar bear hat. IMG_1053
  3. Superman (2015)
    • Superman Shirt
    • Black Pants
    • Black Blazer
    • Glasses IMG_1047 (1)
  4. Hulk Hogan (2014)
    • Red T-shirt
    • Red & Yellow Tie-Dye Leggings
    • Blonde Wig
    • Bandanna (Hulkamania bandanna found on Amazon)
    • Yellow Mustache
    • Yellow Wristbands
    • Belt (found on eBay)
    • Red Boots IMG_1045
  5. Oh Deer! (2014)
    • Deer Headband (Made from holiday wreath picks, felt and faux fur)
    • Deer Makeup IMG_1052
  6. Hippie (2016)
    • Vest
    • Flower Crown
    • Round Sunglasses
    • Boho Jewelry


xoxo, Katie

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