Yes, I am happy…now.

Our past does not define us.


I want to start this fashion and lifestyle blog by first telling you a little bit about myself. I’m 32, living outside of Chicago and fashion obsessed! I have a bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising, always thought I would be stylist for fashion shoots. How I actually make a living is by being the Administrative Coordinator for the Training Department of a utilities company. Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job. I’ve made some great friends there and the benefits are very attractive. But my real passion is a life of creativity. Whether it’s through styling outfits each day, creating fun reasonably priced jewelry or learning a new craft. That’s what makes me happy.

So here’s the dark side of my reality and why my past doesn’t define me.

This year was a tough year for me. I got a divorce, only a year after getting married. Finding out that your husband is having an affair is devastating. I was becoming a shell of a woman and losing my identity. Going through a divorce, I realized that I’m so much stronger than I ever thought possible. You truly don’t realize what kind of person you are or even want to be until you go through something so life changing. Nine months later, I look back on it as a blessing in disguise. As my mother always says, “everything happens for a reason.”

So why am I telling you guys all of this? We put off doing things. We put off doing the things we love, the things that we are passionate about and the things that make us happy. Everyone has excuses. There’s not enough time, its just a hobby, I don’t have enough money. Whatever the reason is, always remember that just making the decision to start is half the battle.

So I’ve finally done it. I’ve started a blog and that makes me happy.

I’m completely happy now. I feel like I’ve dodged a bullet. I literally jumped out a plane a month ago. I’m defying gravity and odds. I’m doing what I love and I’m in love with a wonderful man. I’ve learned not to take people and things for granted. I enjoy the little things in every day.

Maybe I’m not even doing a good job explaining it. I’m literally smiling as I write this. I truly am in a happy state of mind. Maybe I’m not where I want to be financially, I’m not married with kids, I don’t live in a big beautiful house with a picket fence but I am happy and I hope to be able to spread the love to all of you.

xoxo, Katie

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