Is it socially acceptable to wear your pajamas to work? Out shopping? On a date? Drinks with the girls? Sometimes we just want to be comfy yet stylish at the same time. Ok, I’m not telling you to go out in your sweats but a less structured button down shirt can look super cute and comfy! Camisoles have come back in a big way too. My current obsession? Chunky sweaters! Throw a chunky sweater over a button down pajama shirt or a pajama camisole and you are good to go! I was inspired to write this post from this old white button down shirt with black trim that I got from Old Navy years ago. It’s much less structured than a normal crisp white button down dress shirt. It looks completely like a pajama shirt so I thought why not? I’ve spent a little bit of time playing around with the […]

Yes, I am happy…now. Our past does not define us. I want to start this fashion and lifestyle blog by first telling you a little bit about myself. I’m 32, living outside of Chicago and fashion obsessed! I have a bachelors degree in Fashion Merchandising, always thought I would be stylist for fashion shoots. How I actually make a living is by being the Administrative Coordinator for the Training Department of a utilities company. Don’t get me wrong, I love my day job. I’ve made some great friends there and the benefits are very attractive. But my real passion is a life of creativity. Whether it’s through styling outfits each day, creating fun reasonably priced jewelry or learning a new craft. That’s what makes me happy. So here’s the dark side of my reality and why my past doesn’t define me. This year was a tough year for me. I […]